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Career With Zenovel

Zenovel believes strongly in making the working atmosphere very pleasant and conductive.

We have adopted 05 days working in a week.


We aspire to become the best place to work with and with that motive we strive to do all the way possible to make the work life of our employees the best and enjoyable. We strongly believe that there must be equilibrium between personal and professional life. We encourage our team not to over spend single minute in office and when at home give hundred percent of time to family.


Zenovel also allow all employee to express their idea freely and try their own way of handling the situation. We believe there no single method to trouble shooting and every one according to ones experience should try to solve the problem.


We don’t believe in the culture of bossism rather we believe everyone is equal and can grow based on  real efforts.


Zenovel is the best organization where people grow not only in technical skills but also learn and grow to live the life in the best possible way.


So if you are willing to join Zenovel then, fill the form and drop your resume.